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Off-Label Interactive Information

GoToPills’ off-label interactive information and prescribing tools saves busy professionals countless hours of research. GoToPills also cuts costs associated with Administrative overhead due to lack of insurance coverage for off-label medications.

Multiple Tools

Along with the prescribing tools GoToPills delivers up-to-date information that includes off-label alerts, database of possible off-label uses, adverse events, and litigation levels associated with each medication including hyperlinks to the supporting medical research.

off-label alerts

Medication parameters are auto populated to deliver critical off-label alerts along with off-label informed consents that are automatically updated with the latest medication information.

adverse events

Significant injuries and occurrences are listed for each medication along with hyperlinks to the supporting medical research.

litigation levels

Each medication has a high, medium, or low, litigation level ranking depending on the type and number of lawsuits including a brief description of the claimed injuries.


After receiving an off-label alert for the prescribed condition, this feature delivers a list of medications that are FDA-approved thereby providing medication options and saving countless hours of research.

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