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How do I access GoToPills?
GoToPills prescribing tools and medication bulletins (also called Fast Facts) are available on Epic Systems, Cerner, and on the GoToPills website. Contact us to learn how GoToPills can help you save time, money and increase patient safety.

Does GoToPills have a mobile app?
Yes, the GoToPills app for iPhone and Android users delivers off-label alerts and drug bulletins but the apps do not contain the GoToPills prescribing tools as the tools are only for healthcare providers.

How often is GoToPills’ information updated?
GoToPills’ information is updated daily.

What is Fast Facts?
Along with the off-label prescribing tools, the GoToPills’ “Fast Facts” feature delivers a list of FDA-approved uses, off-label uses, adverse effects, and litigation levels for medications with each piece of information hyperlinked to the supporting medical research.

Where does the GoToPills data come from?
The GoToPills team delivers curated, up-to-date medication information from a variety of research materials including medical journals, articles and publications, clinical studies, and controlled trials.

Can GoToPills be accessed by 3rd party developers?
Yes, GoToPills is available to developers who are looking to add GoToPills’ off-label solutions to their product offerings.