We Started GoToPills to Solve a Problem

GoToPills helps patients and healthcare providers reduce the health and liability risks associated with off-label medications.  

By prescribing and dispensing off-label drugs healthcare providers open themselves to liability and patients taking these drugs become test subjects without their knowledge or consent. In many cases off-label medications can be beneficial, however it is the lack of information that is the problem. GoToPills decreases these liability risks and increases patient safety by instantly alerting patients and healthcare providers if a medication is off-label. 

Patients armed with this knowledge can truly make informed choices about their medication options and physicians and pharmacists mitigate their risk of liability by informing patients about the off-label status of their medication including risks, benefits, and alternatives.

Our Mission

To promote patient safety and decrease liability risks for healthcare providers by delivering easily accessible, comprehensive, and concise information about off-label medications.

GoToPills is groundbreaking healthcare technology that increases patient safety and decreases liability risks for healthcare providers by delivering off-label alerts when a medication is “off-label” (meaning not approved by the FDA for the prescribed reason, age, gender, or duration).

Whether you use GoToPills on the web, on mobile devices, as an app, or integrated into electronic health systems, you will know within seconds if your medication is off-label. Along with off-label alerts, GoToPills delivers vital drug information in its “Fast Facts” feature that includes a list of FDA-approved uses, off-label uses, adverse effects, and litigation levels that are all hyperlinked to the supporting medical research.

GoToPills also offers prescribing tools for healthcare professionals (Off-Label Informed Consent, FDA-Approved List, and GoToPillsRx) that are all designed to lower the risk of off-label lawsuits.