About us

GoToPills delivers enterprise-level solutions for off-label medications that save time, reduce administrative overhead, decrease off-label liability and increase patient safety.

Why do we do this?

Physicians and pharmacists must be knowledgeable about the medication they prescribe and dispense.

Sounds simplistic but with off-label drugs physicians and pharmacists lack the critical information that is provided for drugs with FDA-approved uses. With GoToPills this vital information is instantly provided to healthcare providers. Despite the fact off-label prescribing is increasing, there is a surprising lack of off-label information that is readily available to healthcare providers. GoToPills fills this information gap.


Our Group

Meet the small team that makes us who we are.

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Tamera Venzke

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Jim Brantner, M.D.

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Zack Hansen
Head of Technology

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Todd Crenshaw
Head of Sales

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