Indication-Based Prescribing

GoToPills gives healthcare providers the prescribing tools they need to
successfully navigate the ever-changing landscape of off-label medications.

WHAT is it

Prescribing is Changing

With indication-based prescribing, insurers have the option of accepting or denying coverage based on the reason for the prescription. Documenting the reason for each prescription will be required if providers want to avoid insurance coverage issues, administrative headaches, and unhappy patients.

Using GoToPills' indication-based drug and off-label prescribing tools will avoid these problems saving you time and money while lowering your risk of off-label liability.

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GoToPills Changes Everything

GoToPills is ahead of this curve. Each medication in the database is associated with a convenient drop-down menu that makes indication-based prescribing hassle-free.

With GoToPills' Indication-Based Prescribing:

There is better medication adherence when patients understand why their medication is being prescribed

Medication mistakes are reduced such as errors between medications with look-alike names, preventing or detecting drug selection and dosing errors, and errors involving the wrong patient

Problems with duplicate therapy and continuation of medications that are no longer needed are reduced

The ability to measure a drug’s long-term effectiveness is enhanced

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Access Where You Need It

GoToPills availability in Epic and Cerner provides a tremendous opportunity to expand the reach of GoToPills both nationally and internationally and furthers our mission of delivering easily accessible, comprehensive, and concise information about off-label medications.

Web Portal

Access our tools using your web browser.

Mobile App

Use the tools while on the go from your mobile device.


Find us in the EPIC system as part of the encounter workflow.

Cerner EHR

Use the system from your drop-down in the prescribing view.

play it safe

Increase Patient Safety

GoToPills' off-label prescribing tools are designed to increase patient safety and decrease liability risks associated with off-label medications. With the indication-based prescribing changes, GoToPills supplies the vital information that is needed to avoid costly administrative headaches when medication coverage is denied.

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