Off-Label Prescribing Innovation Is Here.

GoToPills leads the way

Our prescribing tools offer:
✓ Increased patient safety
✓ Decreased off-label liability
✓ Reduced administrative overhead
✓ Are ahead of the curve with indication-based prescribing.

GoToPills delivers all of these benefits and more see for yourself what GoToPills can do for you.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

Avoid Insurance Coverage Denials

Documenting the reason for each prescription (including knowing if an indication is off-label) will be required in order to avoid insurance coverage issues and administrative headaches including call-backs from pharmacies, denied claims, and unhappy patients.

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Get Data Quicker

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Off-label medications can be beneficial, however the lack of readily available off-label information wastes valuable time for busy professionals, increases administrative costs because of insurance denials, and increases the risk of lawsuits.

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Avoid coverage denial.

With the indication-based prescribing changes that are coming in 2020, you need GoToPills to supply the vital information that is needed to avoid costly administrative headaches when medication coverage is denied because of the prescribed indication.

What Can GoToPills Do for You?

GoToPills off-label prescribing tools are designed to increase patient safety and decrease liability risks associated with off-label medications.

GoToPills alerts healthcare providers when a medication is off-label avoiding potential violations of federal and state false claims laws.

Using GoToPills saves research time and that means more time to focus on patient care.

GoToPills prescribing tools that are integrated within clinicians’ working environment without disrupting workflow

Medication parameters are auto populated to deliver critical off-label alerts along with a list of medications that are FDA-approved for each off-label indication.

Medications are tailored to fit unique patient profiles, thereby avoiding prescribing medications that exacerbate pre-existing conditions.

Off-label informed consents are are specifically designed to decrease the liability risks associated with off-label medications.

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