How GoToPills Helps You

Chances are you are taking a medication that is off-label. This means that it is not FDA-approved for your condition, age, gender, or duration.

Once a medication is FDA-approved for a particular reason, age, gender, or duration it can legally be prescribed for a different patient population or application that has not been tested for safety or whether it works. These drugs are called off-label and there is no requirement that you be informed that the medication you are taking is off-label.

How GoToPills Works

To find out if your medication is off-label simply CLICK HERE and enter the name of the drug in the search field then fill in all or any one of the off-label information boxes.

If you want more information about your medication just click on the name of the drug to read the list of approved uses, off-label uses, adverse events and the litigation level.

If your medication is not in our database just LET US KNOW HERE and we will research and add your medication to the GoToPills’ database for free.

Also be sure to subscribe to GoToPills by clicking the ‘Add Alert’ button located with each drug bulletin to receive your free drug updates.